Monday, September 29, 2008

I am still around~

Will have more update soon


Anonymous said...

Waht you meant? Are you going to be not around soon?

Tmtravelworld said...

no, I have less update recently, so I thought people may think I am not around

Oops! I did it again... said...

Keep going with the great Job!

I just joined SPG and sign up for the Q4 reward "Each stay counts double" peogram by using the link you provided.

I am going to stay at Westin Shanghai for 11 days. Does it means my stay can be counted as 22 days? If so, there is still a shortage of 3 days to achive the Gold status. Can I break down my 11 days in Shanghai as more than 1 stay? I mean, Check-in and out more than 1 time in 11 days? I can make do it more than 10 times if thay allowed, in case to earn 10 stays(even 20 stays by the program i joined), is that possible?

It's will be nice if you can give some input on this.

Anson Yu

Tmtravelworld said...

"An stay is defined as one or more consecutive nights paying a qualifying rate that are spent in the same hotel regardless of the number of check-in or check-outs that occur"

If you stay at one hotel for 11 days, then it will count as 20 nights with ur "double counts" promotion regardless of check in and out.

You need to switch hotels in shanghai everyday in order to earn diff stay credit.