Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BMI matched my status to Gold

This is actually my second status match request for BMI because I used UA for the first time and got reject due to *A partnership. I sent fax again with a copy of my AA membership card, last month online statement and a letter explaining the reason for match. 6 days later, my status changed to Gold(valid one year from today).

Fax number for status match +44-1623-724099

or via email

With BMI Gold, you can use lounge in North America even if you are flying UA doemstic, but the downsides are

1 You don't have free internet in UA loungue beacuse free internet only gives to RCC paid member. With BMI GOLD, you are considered as GUEST, therefore, no free internet access.

2 You can only bring one guest.

3 You can only use loungue when you fly UA, US or AC in North America, but if you are paid member of RCC, you can use any time. This is very helpful at aiports like LGA, SFO, where UA and AA in same terminal and not too far from each other.

I think if you are also 1K with UA living around airport like SFO, LGA, you should get RCC membership instead of using BMI GOLD. A full year paid RCC membership with spouse for 1K is only $350.

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