Monday, September 1, 2008

The best value for your hotel points

Here are some best ways to spend your hotel points


  • Cash + Points at any properties
  • Weekday or weekend nights at cat 1 or 2 properties.
  • Fifth nights free when you redeem at cat 3, 4, 5hotels.
  • Nights and flight awards, which you redeem 60000 SPG points and get 50K miles+ 5 free night at Cat 3 hotel or 70000 SPG points and get 50K miles+ 5 free nights at cat 4 hotels.
  • Transfer to Airline miles at 1:1 basis + 5000 bonus for every 20000 points transferred. However, this is only good when there is additional bonus on top of 5000 bonus, like BA did 30% more.

Redeem points at any Cat 7 hotel is a waste, unless you have tons of points and no where to spend them, don’t use them for cat 7 hotels.


  • Going Global Award (available for Silver member or above only): 175000 for 6 nights at Level 6 properties, 150000 for 6 nights at level 5 properties.
  • AXON (available for American Express Hilton Card member only): 125,000 for 4 nights at Level 5, 6 properties
  • Points Stretcher Award: Award at 40% off.


  • Travel package: 235,000,250,000, 270,000 points for up to 120,000 frequent flyer miles or 80 mileage credits, and 25% off Hertz car rental and 7 night at Category 1-5, 6,7 properties.
  • Point saver award at all participating properties and Ritz-Carlton Properties
  • Redemption at Level 1 or 2 properties.

Priority Club:

  • Point Breaks: 5000 points per night
  • Some High Price Intercontinental, Crown Plaza, Holiday inn and Holiday inn Express


  • Redemption at level 1,2 are the best value, 3 is Ok too.
  • Fast Free night promotion

Radisson Gold Passpot:

  • Cash + points, However, Carlson Hotel group has a bad reputation of crediting points, I have heard lots of complain on missing credits, so not a program I would suggest.

All other Hotel programs are either not Points based like Fairmont, Swisshotel, Shangri-La, or pretty straight forward redemption like choice hotel, sofitel(new program launching on Sep 15th).


davidhero said...

For Hilton - AXON promotion, I thought it is 4 nights for 125,000, rather than 6 nights. Could you please confirm? Thanks.

Tmtravelworld said...

damn, my typo, it is for 4 nights