Wednesday, May 27, 2009

50% Us airways bonus miles when u stay at hotel or transfer hotel points to US airway

You have to register first, then transfer/stay ur hotel points/car to US airways.

keep in mind that, US airway does not block *A redemption and have better award chart than UA.

Do it before July 31st,2009

Discount award redemption to Canada on United

For only 20K miles, you can redeem a coach award seat on United to Canada.

You must book by June 21, 2009 for travel until Sep 2nd,2009.

Detail is here

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ATT Wifi Premuim membership is an awasome deal!

Wifi connections in Europe are every expensive at hotels, one day may cost you 30+ euro, sign up this ATT Wifi Premuim membership for only 19.99 per month with 1 year contract, you can get unlimited wifi service with free roaming on thousans of international locations.

Many roaming services are provided by ipass.

Although I had some diffculty on first time using it, it's working very well after I figure out how the connection sofeware works.

Bus, Bus, Bus eveywhere!!!!

For many years, I always thought taking the transfer bus from gate to aircraft only exist in some developing countries, I was wrong. In Europe, almost every flight I took need to use bus even in airlines' hub and they are not budget airlines. I am so sick of it!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

US has the cheapest gas price!

I am currently in Europe now, one liter of gas cost approx 1 euro. the car I am driving has 80 liters gas tank. so a full tank of gas will cost 80 euro, approx 110 USD

In US, with a tank of 20 gallon and 2.5 per gallon, full tank will cost only 50 USD

Thursday, May 21, 2009

US dollar is on its way to become toilet paper again

Just two months ago, US dollar was relatively strong, which makes international trip a lot cheaper.
now it is heading down SHARPLY

today 1 Euro = 1.39 USD, 1 pound=1.58USD

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

little modification on trip below

prg-bud-vce(open jaw)


even better

Friday, May 15, 2009

Distance based award chart are not bad at all!

I always thought using distance based awards are big waste to my miles until I am planning this circle Europe Trip using AA oneworld OW35Y chart. you can fly up to 4000 miles and 16 segments with stopover at every city(u can only stopover once and transit twice at same city) for 35K miles in Economy.

The new rule includes all flying miles in the mileage calculation, but still not that bad. Here is my plan:

prg-bud-cdg(open jaw)mxp(stopover)-hel(stopover)-arn(stopover)-hel-waw(stopover)-bud(stopover)-prg

total flying miles 3994.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Also score 2 cheap tickets from LAX-FRA in summer

one leaving July return Aug on UA from LAX-FRA for 427 all in because of double miles promotion from Elite choice promotion last year

another one leaving Aug return SEP on AA for 540 all in, upgraded already cleared all the way to FRA for both direction.

really like being an AA EXP better than UA 1K now, International Upgrade can be done on most class and no upgrade instrument is needed for domestic upgrade

Will enjoy my entire summer in Europe. Maybe some side trips to Africa.

redeemed few more trip using BMI miles

trip 1 PEK-HKG(Stopover)-MUC-PRG on CA and LH business class, total 18750 miles+410 taxes and fees.
trip 2 PRG-FRA-JFK(stopover)-PHX-LAS on LH and US business class, total 18750+ 440 USD taxes and fees.

I know taxes and fees are expensive, but only 37500 miles +850USD in business class for a trip like this, I think it's good deal!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Emirates skywards Program.

Although u can put miles into UA program, Emirates own program is better than UA if u fly Emirates a lot.

You will earn 2500/3500/5000 for Econ/Busi/First class bonus miles after ur first flight with them.
You will earn 20%/50%/100% for Econ/Busi/First class bonus miles if book online.

In addition, they have double miles promotion currently running on LOTS of flights.

so a roundtrip from PEK-SFO via DXB in Economy class will earn u 2500(signup)+23954(flying)+23954(double miles promotion)+4791(online booking bonus)=54479 miles.

ALL class(except award ticket) earning 100% EK miles.

You will become Silver with 25K miles flying or Gold with 50K miles and will earn 25% bonus as silver or 50% as Gold.

In term of spending miles, the best way to use them is to upgrade ur Flight, remeber, ALL PAID CLASS can be upgraded with MILES

All information can be found here

marriott Free nights promotion, but.....

it is a very bad promotion. unless u have to stay with Marriott, there is no reason to stay for this promotion.


Log in ur marriott account ,you will see this promotion, register before June 30th and stay three times btw June 1 to August 31, 2009, earn one free night valid for cat 1-4 until Dec 31st,2009.

Emirates Airline offers crazy cheap ticket worldwide via Dubai

Emirates is having super cheap ticket available from PEK/PVG.

eg PEK/PVG-JFK/SFO/LAX via DXB 4100 Chinese yuan.


and many more.

if u are not member of its Frequent flyer program, u can put ur miles to UA, all class earn 100% Redeemable miles, but no Elite qualify miles.

Personally, I think signup for its skywards program is a better option.

Monday, May 11, 2009

NWA increased intra-Asia/Africa business class award!

Without notifying anyone, NWA increased intra-Asia business class award from 30K-40K and intra-Africa business award from 50K to 100K!!!!!

This is a very bad move!!

Significant change on AA award redemption

Per discussion on, effective now, you can not have stopover on any award ticket, any stopover will be priced with additional one way miles within the zone except international
awards originating in North America, where one stopover is still permitted
in North America Gateway city

However, member can redeem one way travel for half of round trip miles