Friday, January 30, 2009

Trip to Hong Kong on UA 869

Upgrade on UA new Business class from SFO-HKG is extremely hard, Inventory Management people try to hold seats until last minutes. I checked in at LAX 4.5 hours prior to departure and the service director on site told me they only sold 22 seats in Business class and I was #4 on the waitlist, she couldn't understand why the seat still hadn't opened up.

After getting into LAX RCC around 4 hours prior to SFO-HKG departure, upgrade finally cleared. My flight from LAX-SFO scheduled for take off on 9:35 and landed in 10:55, which left me 1 hour for the connection, but after I boarded the plane, Capital annonced that there would be a delay due to air traffic control at SFO.

The plane finally landed at SFO GATE 90 on 11:33 am and flight to Hong Kong still scheduled for departure on time at 11:55 am at GATE G102. I run as fast as I can from the furthest gate in Terminal 3 to THE furthest gate in international terminal. Cabin door closed right after I step into the plane. Although, I finally made on board, I was really worried about my checked luggage.

The business seat itself is very good, lie flat bed and it does make a better sleep than 170 degree reclined seat. IFE system is running all the time, so u don't have to wait until take off to enjor ur entertainment. However, the movie selection is still not great, I have watched most of them already. No comments on food since I am still on diet. Overall, Not bad if u just want to have a very good sleep.

BTW, I was happy to see my checked luggage arrive with me. :)

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sunny wong said...

Help, I am flying with UA869 to Hong Kong in two week, what is the best way to get upgrade to business class, I would even pay some money if I have to.