Saturday, January 3, 2009

Northwest Award Redemption Level Changes effective Jan 15th

Soon in late 2009, NW and DL will become one airline and Worldperks program and miles will become Delta Skymiles. In February, member of both programs can transfer btw their accounts without charge. However, in order to avoid taking advantage of lower award redemption fee and miles requirement with Northwest, NWA increases award level and fees to match with Delta skymiles.

The problem is, new chart is no longer showing travel btw Non US zone. I don't know what is the effect on new Northwest intra Asia award and intra Africa award. Previously, they were 20K/30K and 25K/50K for economy and business. If the change is identical to Delta, then award will increase 25K/30K for Asia and 50K/80K for Africa. I think the only way to find out is call them after Jan 15th.

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