Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do you still have your hair with you?

Delta is currently running a promotion with Bosley, which you will get a 20000 miles for a "hair loss" consultation, if you decide to do the surgery, that's gonna be another 150000 miles.

I did not pay attention when I saw this promotion few days ago because I still have my hair with me. However, someone on flyertalk reported you can just go there and tell them

"I had a family history of hair loss and was worried about losing my hair"

and they will talk to you for few mins for a "consultation". I will try this next weekend.

easy miles


infoworld said...

well, seems the bonus for actual surgery is 150000 miles, not 1.5 million.

Tmtravelworld said...

haha, sorry, I put one extra 0 in there, fixed now.