Thursday, May 22, 2008

British Midland Airways Diamond Club-Earning Part II

Last time, I talked about some basic earning opportunities for BMI program. There are more ways to earn miles.

1 Hilton stays: many people may already know Hilton HHonors program has double dipping benefit, which you can get Hilton points and Airlines miles at the same time. Most people will use flexible points + fixed miles option, which you will get 10 Hilton points per dollar and 500 miles (100 miles for Hampton Inn) per stay (a stay is defined as consecutive nights at same hotels regardless check in and check out). However, BMI airways is also one of Hilton partners, but the earning ratio is different. You will get 1000 miles per NIGHT up to 3 consecutive nights (3000 miles), this also applies at Hampton Inn hotels, so BMI is the best partner to earn miles for Hilton Double dipping

2 Hertz rental car: Many airlines have different bonus promotion for rental car. BMI will give u 1500 miles regardless number of rental days. However, you will only earn 475 miles if you use any CDP discount code other than AAA. This is not very good if you do a longer rental, but very good deal for some one day rentals at Hertz Local Edition.

I will talk about redemption deals on this program next time.

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