Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Delta Partner Activities Bonus Promotion

You need to register here, then complete partner activities for up to 150% bonus.

Base Miles Earned Bonus Total Miles
1,000-4,999 50% 1,500-7,498
5,000-9,999 100% 10,000-19,998
10,000 or more 150% 25,000 or more

I have Marriott travel package waiting to cash out 120K miles to AA, but with this promotion, I decide to transfer to Delta instead. I will get 300K miles for this transfer. Madagascar, here I come!!


Leon said...

How many Marriott points is your travel package worth?

Liu said...

Marriott for 7 nights at Cat 1-5 hotel and 120K miles travel package.

with this promotion, I will get 7 nights cat 1-5 and 300K miles.

Those 300K can be redeemed for 2 tickets in C to asia or Africa + 2 intra asia in C.

If I can find SQ seats, those 300K can turn into 2 F seats on SQ to Asia.

leonnardo said...

Troy, could you elaborate on how to accrue the Marriott points in an efficient fashion? I remembered that you are not a big fan of the Marriott brand hotels...